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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
DivX1The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug (2013) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)565Adventurehannes38 years, 4 months2.18 GBNZB
DivX1The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (2012) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)481Adventurehannes39 years, 4 months2.26 GBNZB
DivXAmerican Sniper (2014) HQ AC3 DD5.1 (Ingebakken Subs)476Actionhannes37 years, 4 months2.16 GBNZB
DivX3Skyfall (2012) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)450Actionhannes39 years, 4 months2.25 GBNZB
DivX1The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)450Adventurehannes37 years, 4 months2.11 GBNZB
DVD5Season of the Witch (2011)438Actiondvdernie1 decade, 1 year4.53 GBNZB
DivX1Jurassic World (2015) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)428Actionhannes36 years, 10 months2.21 GBNZB
DivX1The Revenant (2015) HQ AC3 DD5.1 (Ingebakken Subs)421Adventurehannes36 years, 5 months2.82 GBNZB
DivX2Spy (2015) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)413Actionhannes36 years, 10 months2.2 GBNZB
DVD55DUNKIRK (2017) HDTS2DVD DD2.0 NL Subs Metamorfose [laatste post]412WarMMF4 years, 8 months4.27 GBNZB
DivXTaken 3 (2015) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)410Actionhannes37 years, 4 months1.65 GBNZB
DivXUnbroken (2014) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)397Dramahannes37 years, 4 months2.21 GBNZB
DivXThe Equalizer (2014) 720p HQ AC3 DD5.1 (Ingebakken Subs)396Actionhannes37 years, 5 months3.39 GBNZB
DivXGravity (2013) 720P HQ AC3 DD5.1 (Ingebakken Subs)391Dramahannes38 years, 5 months2.72 GBNZB
DVD5CARS 2 TS CUSTOM NL SRT381Animationdvdernie1 decade, 10 months4.8 GBNZB
DivXJohn Wick (2014) 720p HQ AC3 DD5.1 (Ingebakken Subs)377Actionhannes37 years, 4 months2.82 GBNZB
DVD5 ~* SRT *~ SKYFALL 2012 HDTS 2 DVD CUSToM NL V2 ~* SRT *~ 371Actiondvdernie9 years, 6 months4.81 GBNZB
DVD5Killer Elite 2011 NTSC HD2DVD CUSTOM NL SRT368Actiondvdernie1 decade, 6 months4.77 GBNZB
DivX1Interstellar (2014) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)366Mysteryhannes37 years, 4 months2.55 GBNZB
DVD5The Descendants 2011 DVDScr CUSTOM NL SRT361Comedydvdernie1 decade, 4 months4.77 GBNZB
DivXThe Interview (2014) 720p HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)360Actionhannes37 years, 5 months3.04 GBNZB
DivX1The Hobbit II: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) XViD DD2.0 ~~QUSTOM NLSubs~~355AdventureQoQ8 years, 4 months2.21 GBNZB
DivX1The Expendables 3 (2014) HQ AC3 DD2.0 (Ingebakken Subs)354Actionhannes37 years, 10 months2.16 GBNZB
DivXOlympus Has Fallen (2013) HQ AC3 DD5.1 (Ingebakken Subs)353Actionhannes38 years, 11 months2.45 GBNZB
DVD5Big Mommas: Like Father, like Son (2011) PAL350Actiondvdernie1 decade, 1 year4.16 GBNZB