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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
AndroidAndroid - Week 21 2022 - GAME0AdventureAudulf12 hours, 46 minutes20.45 GBNZB
WINSyberia - The World Before Digital DeLuxe Edition9AdventureHoodlum13 hours, 58 minutes16.95 GBNZB
WINPac-Man Museum+ 2022 Edition12ActionHoodlum16 hours, 21 minutes690.03 MBNZB
WINThe Snow Fable (2) Mystery of The Flame Collector's Edition9PuzzleHoodlum1 day, 11 hours447.08 MBNZB
WINWelcome to Primrose Lake 35ActionHoodlum1 day, 11 hours386.78 MBNZB
WINThe Sims 4 Update Only!14SimulationHoodlum1 day, 14 hours483.08 MBNZB
WINStrange Investigations (2) - Two for Solitaire Collector's Edition22AdventureHoodlum2 days, 15 hours1000.76 MBNZB
WINThe Illusion Nightmare9AdventureHoodlum2 days, 16 hours2.47 GBNZB
WINSerious Sam - Siberian Mayhem5ActionHoodlum2 days, 16 hours41.43 GBNZB
WINLEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga DeLuxe Edition10ActionHoodlum2 days, 16 hours38.36 GBNZB
WINFarming Simulator 2022 - AGI Pack8SimulationHoodlum2 days, 16 hours13.72 GBNZB
WINNo Man's Sky - Leviathan3ActionHoodlum2 days, 16 hours12.59 GBNZB
WINSeason Marbles (4) Spring - NL10PuzzleHoodlum3 days, 14 hours189.5 MBNZB
WINStrange Cases (3) - De Geheimen van Grey Mist Lake! - NL25AdventureHoodlum3 days, 14 hours582.86 MBNZB
WINForgotten Hill Tales20AdventureHoodlum4 days, 15 hours236.19 MBNZB
WINThe Binding of Isaac Rebirth Complete Edition3ActionHoodlum5 days, 14 hours1.56 GBNZB
WINAmulet of Tricolor7PuzzleHoodlum5 days, 14 hours23.88 MBNZB
WINMystery of The Ancients Huize Lockwood! - NL22AdventureHoodlum5 days, 14 hours584.56 MBNZB
WINTower of Wishes 2 - Vikings Collector's Edition11PuzzleHoodlum6 days, 15 hours215.32 MBNZB
PS3PS3 (OFW/CFW/HFW) Firmware V4.89 EVILNAT - COBRA 8.302Guns711 week, 7 hours1.9 GBNZB
WINRhiannon Curse of The Four Branches Premium Edition20AdventureHoodlum1 week, 12 hours1.01 GBNZB
WINSpellarium Deel 1 t/m 712PuzzleHoodlum1 week, 12 hours520.78 MBNZB
WINLaruaville Deel 1 t/m 1210PuzzleHoodlum1 week, 12 hours1.56 GBNZB
WINCursed House Deel 1 t/m 1012PuzzleHoodlum1 week, 12 hours1 GBNZB
WINFarming Simulator 202212SimulationHoodlum1 week, 12 hours27.65 GBNZB