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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINDracula's Legacy3AdventureHoodlum9 hours, 9 minutes863.15 MBNZB
WINThe Mystery of a Lost Planet13AdventureHoodlum1 day, 6 hours690.77 MBNZB
WINBIGFOOT Winter Park Resort7ActionHoodlum1 day, 6 hours4.34 GBNZB
WINNo Men's Sky Expedition 4 Emergency4AdventureHoodlum1 day, 6 hours12.27 GBNZB
WINDark Romance 14 Sleepy Hollow CE NL24AdventureKwiebus651 day, 7 hours1.64 GBNZB
WINThe Big Secret of a Small Town12AdventureHoodlum2 days, 6 hours433.46 MBNZB
WIN2Secrets of Magic 5 Back to School NL7BoardgameKwiebus652 days, 15 hours177.67 MBNZB
WIN1Marvel's Avengers4ActionKaalUploader2 days, 16 hours148.33 GBNZB
WIN1Resident Evil - Village (EMPRESS)2ActionSolidSnake2 days, 23 hours29.32 GBNZB
WINModern Art 18 DeLuxe - NL9PuzzleHoodlum3 days, 3 hours374.01 MBNZB
WIN1001 Jigsaw Puzzle Home Sweet Home - Return from Vacation - NL7PuzzleHoodlum3 days, 3 hours184.3 MBNZB
WINFootball Manager 2021 [FitGirl Repack]6SimulationSolidSnake3 days, 5 hours4.48 GBNZB
WINRenovate and Relocate - Miami9AdventureHoodlum3 days, 9 hours879.77 MBNZB
WINFantasy Mosaics 49 - Haunted Swamp7PuzzleHoodlum3 days, 9 hours186.66 MBNZB
WINJunkyard Simulator4SimulationHoodlum4 days, 4 hours17.01 GBNZB
WINWar Mongrels4ActionHoodlum4 days, 5 hours19.8 GBNZB
WINToy Soldiers HD7ActionHoodlum4 days, 5 hours4.59 GBNZB
WINGloomhaven0AdventureHoodlum4 days, 5 hours3.8 GBNZB
WINStronghold Warlords1ActionHoodlum4 days, 5 hours5.87 GBNZB
WINEscape Simulator3SimulationHoodlum4 days, 5 hours3.77 GBNZB
WINRailworks add-ons DVD 12036SimulationMicrosGteam4 days, 8 hours8.13 GBNZB
WINGloomhaven-CODEX1ActionThePingPong4 days, 9 hours5 GBNZB
WINDark City (6) - Paris Collector's Edition24AdventureHoodlum4 days, 9 hours1.52 GBNZB
WINAce Combat 7 Skies Unknown DeLuxe Edition10SimulationHoodlum4 days, 10 hours41.4 GBNZB
WINLawn Mowing Simulator2SimulationHoodlum4 days, 11 hours6.84 GBNZB