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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
x264HDMen of Honor (2000)4DramaDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks9.45 GBNZB
x264HDDe Magische Poort (2021)13AdventureDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks3.33 GBNZB
x264HDMijn Beste Vriendin Anne Frank (2021)6Discovery3 months, 3 weeks4.52 GBNZB
x264HDNiks vreemds aan (2021)9ComedyDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks3.86 GBNZB
x264HDZwaar Verliefd 2 (2021)8ComedyDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks4.61 GBNZB
x264HDThe Last Dragon (1985)4ActionDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks9.45 GBNZB
x264HDBruce Lee, Game of Death11ActionDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks7.48 GBNZB
x264HDBruce Lee, Enter the Dragon7ActionDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks7.5 GBNZB
x264HDBruce Lee, The Big Boss (1971)6ActionDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks7.38 GBNZB
x264HDBruce Lee, The Way of the Dragon8ActionDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks7.46 GBNZB
x264HDThe Croods: A New Age (2020)9AdventureDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks13.62 GBNZB
x264HDCoco (2017)8AdventureDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks10.95 GBNZB
x264HDFrozen II (2019)3AdventureDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks7.09 GBNZB
x264HDIce Age (2002)2Discovery3 months, 3 weeks4.64 GBNZB
x264HDE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)3AdventureDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks7.23 GBNZB
x264HDShrek Forever After (2010)3AnimationDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks6.57 GBNZB
x264HDShrek 2 (2004)2AnimationDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks6.44 GBNZB
x264HDShrek (2001)2AnimationDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks6.28 GBNZB
x264HDSpirit Untamed (2021)4AdventureDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks4.94 GBNZB
MPGBuck Rogers - in the 25th Century14TelevisionDiscovery3 months, 3 weeks34.45 GBNZB
x264HDPokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle (2021)1AdventureDiscovery3 months, 4 weeks6.15 GBNZB
x264HDRaya en de Laatste Draak (2021)12AdventureDiscovery3 months, 4 weeks6.33 GBNZB
x264HDPitch Perfect 3 (2017)2ComedyDiscovery3 months, 4 weeks7.53 GBNZB
x264HDPitch Perfect 2 (2015)1ComedyDiscovery3 months, 4 weeks9.83 GBNZB
x264HDPitch Perfect (2012)2ComedyDiscovery3 months, 4 weeks8.8 GBNZB