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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
DVD5SHORT GRASS (1950) dvd western19WesternHappyfeet4 weeks, 23 hours4.25 GBNZB
x264HDSHORT GRASS (1950) mkv western16WesternHappyfeet4 weeks, 23 hours7.04 GBNZB
DVD5BILLY THE KID (2013) dvd western47WesternHappyfeet1 month, 1 week2.88 GBNZB
x264HDBILLY THE KID (2013) mkv western39WesternHappyfeet1 month, 1 week1.76 GBNZB
DVD5THE GUN FOR ONE HUNDRED GRAVES (1968) dvd western34Happyfeet1 month, 2 weeks3.5 GBNZB
x264HDA GUN FOR ONE HUNDRED GRAVES (1968) mkv western31WesternHappyfeet1 month, 2 weeks2.7 GBNZB
DVD5THE LEGEND OF CUSTER (1968) western38WesternHappyfeet1 month, 2 weeks4.29 GBNZB
x264HDTWICE A JUDAS (1968) western mkv22WesternHappyfeet1 month, 3 weeks3.14 GBNZB
DVD5TWICE A JUDAS (1968) western21WesternHappyfeet1 month, 3 weeks3.83 GBNZB
x264HDTHE RANGE FEUD (1931) mp4 western17WesternHappyfeet2 months, 1 week1.02 GBNZB
DVD5THE RANGE FEUD (1931) dvd western16WesternHappyfeet2 months, 1 week3.14 GBNZB
DVD5WONDER MAN (1945) komedie17ComedyHappyfeet2 months, 1 week3.49 GBNZB
DVD5THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (1946) dvd30ComedyHappyfeet2 months, 1 week4.44 GBNZB
x264HDTHE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (1947) mkv komedie24ComedyHappyfeet2 months, 1 week8.9 GBNZB
DVD5THE BIG STAMPEDE (1932) western dvd19WesternHappyfeet2 months, 2 weeks2.13 GBNZB
DivXTHE BIG STAMPEDE (1932) western12WesternHappyfeet2 months, 2 weeks2.13 GBNZB
DVD5TAP ROOTS (1948) de dvd10DramaHappyfeet3 months, 5 days4.37 GBNZB
x264HDTAP ROOTS (1948) de mkv14Happyfeet3 months, 5 days3.09 GBNZB
DVD5LANKY FELLOW (1965) western dvd20Happyfeet3 months, 3 weeks4.19 GBNZB
x264HDLanky Fellow (1965)23WesternHappyfeet3 months, 3 weeks2.66 GBNZB
DVD5MACHO CALLAHAN (1970) de dvd37WesternHappyfeet3 months, 4 weeks4.45 GBNZB
x264HDMACHO CALLAHAN (1970) western35WesternHappyfeet3 months, 4 weeks14.12 GBNZB
DVD5TELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE (1969) DVD western38WesternHappyfeet4 months, 4 days3.85 GBNZB
x264HDTELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE (1969) drama western28WesternHappyfeet4 months, 4 days7.46 GBNZB
x264HDWINTERHAWK (1975) met nl sub33WesternHappyfeet4 months, 1 week3.19 GBNZB